Study Visits to the Sites of Memory in Croatia and the Region

Study Visits to the Sites of Memory in Croatia and the Region

Since 2010, Documenta has started organizing a series of educational study visits to identified sites of memory associated with the traumatic events of the twentieth century, as part of the project “Study visits to sites of memory in Croatia”. The project intends to systematically educate about practices of commemorative culture in Croatia and the wider region, to initiate the public dialogue on the culture of remembering and to gather a team of experts interested in dealing with the past in particular countries.

During 2010, we have organized five study visits in Croatia to the following locations:
1. Zagreb (December Victims’ Park, Dotrščina memorial, Victims of Fascism Square, Mirogoj cemetery, Student Centre, Runjaninova Street, Ustashe place of torture on Jandrićeva Street, and prison at Kerestinec)
2. Gudovac (Bjelovar) – Danica (Koprivnica) – Lepoglava – Kumrovec
3. Prkos – Glina – Banski Grabovac – Petrova Gora
4. Jadovno – Kampor (Rab) – Goli otok
5. Tezno (Maribor) – Bleiburg

In 2012-2013, Documenta plans to organize three regional study visits in the region of former Yugoslavia. The sites to be visited include: Jasenovac and Donja Gradina in Croatia, Kozara, Jajce and Sarajevo in Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Adaševci, Novi Sad, and Belgrade in Serbia. In addition to these visits, three public debates (round tables) will be organized in Zagreb, Belgrade and Sarajevo, in order to discuss changing politics of remembrance and commemorative practices related to the events that occurred during the Second World War in these three countries of former Yugoslavia. Also, these study visits will be video recorded and three short documentary movies will be produced, showing the visited places and organized public discussions.

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