Memory Mapping Kosovo, by forumZFD Kosovo

Memory Mapping Kosovo, by forumZFD Kosovo

The atelier subjected the research, work and discussion over the Miners Monument 1973 in Mitrovica and the social history of the city, elaborating important topics such as labor, economy, culture and politics.

Main leaders in this workshop were Dr. Nita Lucil – anthropologist, and Prof. Vjollca Krasniqi – sociologist.

The first day of the atelier consisted on field visit to the Miners Memorial 1973 in Mitrovica and meeting with Milos Damjan to discuss the Second World War and the Jewish community in Mitrovica.

The second and third days of the atelier were focused on research work, reading sessions, discussion and drawing conclusions about the subject of study: Miners Monument, Yugoslav Socialism, Working Class, Labor, Culture and Politics.

Atelier “Mitrovica – A social history of a city: Labor, culture, and politics” – gathered around 13 participants – students at University of Prishtina and international civil society activists.

The project Memory Mapping Kosovo#2 (MMK#2-2015) is implemented in close partnership between forumZFD – Kosovo ProgramAlter Habitus – Institute for Studies in Society and Culture, and University Program for Gender Studies and Research, University of Prishtina.

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